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Our creations

Two major goals; two lines-up:

- Baron Maxime: choose pleasure and accessibility as the focus of the creative process. Rather than long speeches on wines, the first source of pleasure is to help the consumers to gain confidence in themself. Help them to better listen to their personal tastes and give them the ability to assert their choices. Move away from the "it's expensive or it's known, so it's good, I'll like it...!  

- Our terroir editions: terroirs signature wines, bottling the most beautiful expressions of selected appellations.



What if the price of a wine was not a reliable guarantee of pleasure?



To propose wines ‘'terroirs editions'', that’s to say to bottle the most beautiful expressions of selected appellations, our favorites!

A work of source, selection and assembly within the terroirs and appellations. Our objective is to offer a noble representative of the appellation with always a concern of accessibility (good value for money).

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